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    Performance Additives - Automotive Lubricants
    Additive Type : Antifoamant
    Purpose : Prevents lubricant from forming a persistent foam
    Additive Type : Antioxidant
    Purpose : Retards oxidative decomposition
    Additive Type : Antiwear and EP Agent
    Purpose : Reduces friction and wear, prevents scoring and seizure
    Additive Type : Corrosion and Rust Inhibitor
    Purpose : Prevents corrosion and rusting of metal parts in contact with the lubricant
    Additive Type : Detergent
    Purpose : Keeps surfaces free of deposits
    Additive Type : Dispersant
    Purpose : Keeps insoluble contaminants dispersed in the lubricant
    Additive Type : Friction Modifier
    Purpose : Alters coefficient of friction
    Additive Type : Pour Point Depressant
    Purpose : Enables lubricant to flow at low temperatures
    Additive Type : Viscosity Modifier
    Purpose : Reduces the rate of viscosity change with temperature